Thursday, November 5, 2009

Entry 10, Three weeks tomorrow

Greetings, Just a quick update -- I am now walking around the house without canes and can go up and down the stairs one step after another!! (Using a cane and the handrail of course!) Mom and I went shopping again yesterday - and I felt pretty good afterwards. I am using tylenol extra strength for the pain and seems to be working fine. Also using Celebrex and lots of ice! I don't seem to feel much pain, just some stiffness which I can work out with some walking and stretching. My incisions are starting to look better, the right one is just a line but the left one has some lumpy bits. I have started using Bio Oil on them and massaging them. Feels a bit weird because they are really numb!! We are planning the big journey to the farm this weekend, 3 hours in a car -- I'm a bit worried about sitting for that long. We will probably have to stop a few times for stretching. That's it for now, laters....

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