Tuesday, December 1, 2009

6 week checkup

I have been to my surgeon for the 6 week check up and he is very pleased with my knees. They bend well and are very stable. I got to see the xrays and they look very bionic. At physio today they measured 120 bend, both sides, which she thought was great (hooray). I have been doing all the exercises they gave me at home as well as walking the dog at least 30 minutes a day. The PT recommended that I keep up the stretching exercises, because the bend can reverse and I don't want that!! I still find it difficult to sleep at night so I have to take a couple of tylenol extra and a sleeping pill before bed. I only use a couple of tylenol through the day, but I still use plenty of ice. I am driving myself around, no need for canes or walkers anymore, except on dog walks and unlevel ground. I'm looking forward to Thursday's hydro-therapy, which is challenging but I enjoy it.