Thursday, September 3, 2009

Entry 4, Only five weeks to go until surgery

I have been preparing for my surgery, started taking the iron supplements and I have started pre-surgery physio to strengthen my quadracepts. My therapist felt the quads were my weakest muscle and since I can't do regular strength training, she is doing something called 'Russian stimulation'. Electrodes are placed on my quads which contract my muscles for a period of time and then releases them. This is supposed to build up the muscle 70% faster than with weights alone. This was a big day, I had to fast since last nite so I could have 5 vials of blood drawn for tests, pee in a bottle and have an ECG, as well as go to physio. My therapist has informed me that post surgery I will not be able to climb stairs for 6-8 weeks and suggested that I get a hospital bed to set up on the main floor. I was soooo hoping that I could walk up the 30 stairs to my bedroom after I get home from the hospital but I guess that's just not realistic. So I visited the Shoppers Home Health centre and of course they rent beds, walkers and they knew exactly what I'd need for after surgery gadgets etc.

I found a great website to see a virtual knee surgery. Check out :

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