Sunday, September 20, 2009

Entry 5: The wait is now getting to me.

Well, I still have three weeks until surgery day, October 13, 2009. I have had my blood work done and haven't heard anything so I am assuming that I'm still good to go. I have been making the best of everyday to get things done before the big day. I managed to ride my horse, Cody, three times last week while I was at the farm. I wonder if I will be a better rider when I have no pain, and if my new knees will let me put my foot in the stirrup to get up in the saddle. (I'd hate to have to use a mounting block). I went golfing once for nine holes and again thought about being able to walk the course instead of using a power cart ( I hope it will improve my game). This got me wondering if I'll be able to resume all the activities I have had to stop, will I be able to do yoga, pilates, ride my bicycle, go curling, walking in the woods with my dog? I started to think about whether I can start doing things I'd like to try, like spinning class, dance classes, and even more simply will I be able to get up from the dinner table and walk away without limping and nearly toppling over? We have to go away for a conference and when we return I'll have very little time left for preparing. I keep exercising my quads and I think they are getting stronger. I'm still about 7 pounds over weight, but I've always struggled with that. I know it would be best if I can lose it before surgery. My pre-op appointments have been scheduled for October 3, 2009 and I'll be at the hospital all day for that. Until then I'm trying to get my books up to date and housework completed (hahaha - like that'll ever happen!).


  1. I had my knee replacement (only one) on April 20th. I had my last pre-surgery surf session on April 19th.

    On July 30th, I started surfing again.

    I think you'll be able do do the things you want to do. You knees will hurt like hell for awhile after the surgery. Then you'll start realizing that your joints are solid. You'll see.

  2. Way to go Christine, Bi-Lateral is the only way to go! Like Surfsister said, you'll be able to do those things you want to do!!!

    Bi-Lateral is the only way to go!!! Had both mine done 8 1/2 weeks ago, July 27, and I'm stoked. Felt good riding the Stratoliner yesterday :)

    Will take a while longer to get the legs back to surfing level, but I'll be back in the water soon enough...and walking, and hiking, and golfing, and beyond!!!

  3. After a successful knee replacement procedure, I'm sure you're now enjoying the things you usually do.