Saturday, October 31, 2009

Entry 8: 2 weeks post surgery

Hi Everyone,
Well, surgery went well on October 16, 2009, I was in surgery for 4 hours and have two brand new knees. The left one required more work and some screws than the right one, but today I have no pain in the actual knees. Just the swelling and pain due to bruising. I spend 3 days in the recovery area of the hospital and then 5 days in Rehab. I left the hospital last Friday the 23rd. My knees had the same flexion - 110 degrees and 3 degrees straight. I had my staples removed on Thursday, Oct. 29th, 13 days after the surgery. That's when I decided to get off the percocet. And today, 2 days later, I am totally off them. I live in a 3 story townhouse so I decided to rent a hospital bed to sleep on the main floor. This is something I would recommend. I have been well cared for by my mom who got here last Sunday and she has had lots of experience with this as she also has two new knees (3 years old and done 5 months apart) She's been very encouraging and makes certain I do my rehab exercises every day. I have been able to go for short walks (very short) with Mom and our dog outside with two canes. I stopped using the walker after my staples were removed. I would probably use the walker for uneven ground like when we go to the farm. I have to go up one flight of stairs for a shower so make that journey every 2 days. I have a seat for the bath tub and sit under the shower on it. That works pretty well. I didn't require the extended wash sponge I bought. I can get dressed easily on my own. Sock and shoes - no problem. I do seem to get pretty tired at times so I just sleep quite a bit still. Still, I am pretty pleased with how things are going. Two weeks after surgery and progressing a little every day. Oh --and my legs are completely straight!!! It's awesome, no more knocked knees. I'll keep in touch.

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