Sunday, October 11, 2009

Entry 7: Op-Day minus 1(October 15, 2009)

I am soooo excited to be getting two new knees tomorrow. I have been on lately, I wish I would have found this forum earlier but it has been a real boost for the past few days. I had all kinds of fears, questions, and worries about which knees I'm getting but now I'm just happy to be getting new ones. I am prepared to do the hard work, I have a little idea of how it will be having had ACL repair and arthroscopy a few years back. I realize this is a much bigger hit, but I am actually looking forward to the rehab. I informed my husband that today will be the last day for the housekeeping department, so he had a good laugh about that. I have a list of stuff to pack - there was a time when hospitals supplied crutches and canes, etc. Not anymore. Will I be awake enough to play my Nintendo DS games, sudoku or read a book? Oh, and don't forget that everything has to be labelled. So today is the big packing day, getting in supplies for my hubby so he doesn't starve. (He'll probably eat out anyway) Am I forgetting anything? Well, I'll find out soon enough. See you on the other side......

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