Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi, and hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, I sure did. I guess my first challange since my last blog was the company Christmas party on Dec 12. I found that I couldn't sit for long and had stupidly worn heels which made it difficult to walk much too. Unfortunately the knees blew up and we had to leave the party early. I resolved to make sure I ice, ice, ice prior to any event and wear flat shoes. The next dinner we went to I did just that and was in much better shape and was able to enjoy the dinner and stayed for about 3 and 1/2 hours. Since then we have been off to the farm for the holidays. Every day I seemed to gain a little bit, the progress has been slower but steady. These knees still don't feel like they belong to me yet. The muscles are really causing be grief. I have I.T. Band syndrome and have to work real hard to stretch those babies and massage them. I have started back to the gym and swimming pool this week, as we have returned from the farm, boo-hoo. Over the holidays I managed to feed my horses and play with them some - no riding yet. I didn't drive my tractor, Don did the tractor stuff. There was lots of snow at the farm and the weather was pretty cold for the most of the holiday. We did some serious shopping in the United States for 3 days and I managed very well, in fact, Don said he had sore legs and was surprised I kept up to him. So I start the New Year with a good attitude, sure that things can only get better and better. And I will try not to be too impatient to be a super athlete right away (never was one - but you never know - I have super knees now ... all things are possible!!)

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